"The Sleep Baby Sleep technique worked so good on my 5 week old son! He was sleeping through the night and taking scheduled naps by the time he was 12 weeks old. I definitely will recommend this book to all the new moms that I know. Thanks for your help!"
- Karen in California.
"I had to write and thank you for your simple solution to my baby's sleep problems...We can now put my 9 month old down awake. He is eating better, playing better and just acting more like himself, so I wanted to say thank you for helping us solve his sleep problem. The process is so simple and common sense! This morning our baby woke up at 5:00 AM and played until he fell back asleep. I still can't believe it. THANK
YOU SO MUCH! Well worth the money!!!"
- Sandra, in Austrailia.
"All I can say is that this little eBook saved my life, not to mention my marriage...My husband and I are now finally sleeping alone again , and FINALLY getting some time to ourselves. This is a book that every new parent should have!"
- Barbara, in Colorado.
"I really want to thank you for writing the Sleep Baby Sleep eBook...This is JUST the information I needed... I will definitely continue with the Sleep Baby Sleep method as long as it takes to get my baby to sleep through the night, AND will definitely recommend to ALL my friends."
- Jennifer in Michigan.
"Just wanted to let you know that my 10 week old baby is now sleeping through the night. I put him down at 10pm & he sleeps till 8am, and he's SO much happier! It only took a few weeks to get him down for the night! Thank you so much for your help & advice. Your book is great!"
- Ally in London, England.
"Let me just say my baby was sleeping through the night and without my help on the second night after following the Sleep Baby Sleep technique! ...A tired and exhausted mommy needs to know what to do fast and this book provides just that... I would recommend this technique for sure!"
- Karney, in Virginia.

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