Gentle ways to helpyour baby sleep safe and soundly all night
Telephone Consultation

The author of Sleep Baby Sleep has made herself available for individual telephone consultations. Tammy can work with your family to figure out the particular issues and develop a hand tailored plan to help you and your family overcome all of your specific sleep issues.

No matter what situation you have found yourself in, you have the power to make changes. If the way things are feel okay for you, then great. But if you are ready for some changes and ready to get sleep and ready to get your bed back, then an individual consultation might be just the answer.

Most often, specific sleep issues can be resolved with only one session!

Telephone consultations are particularly beneficial for the following situations:

If you have a baby who is older than 6 months old
If you have fallen into patterns of behavior with your baby that you want to change
If you cannot get your older baby to fall asleep independently no matter how you try
If you don?t want to get your older baby sleeping without you by using a cry-it-out method
If you have become exhausted to a point that you (and your spouse) need for something to change
If you feel like your baby is running your house
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