Gentle ways to helpyour baby sleep safe and soundly all night
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February 2004: Sleep Baby Sleep hits the shelves in United States
New parents the world over consistently struggle with the age-old problem of getting their babies to sleep through the night. What these parents fail to realize is that it doesn?t have to be so difficult. With an innovative, and incredibly simple and gentle approach in the new book, Sleep Baby Sleep, learning how to get a baby to sleep independently has never been quicker and easier.

Sleep Baby Sleep is short and simple and, best of all?it works! The author, Tammy Hussin, draws her expertise from her own parenting experiences and from the experiences of the many moms who sought Tammy?s advice. Unlike most other baby sleep books that are for the most part scientific and militant, this mom-to-mom book offers a uniquely kind, reassuring and easy-to-implement approach, filled with motherly advice for new parents desperate for a straightforward solution to their children?s sleep issues.

Sleep Baby Sleep is not only uncomplicated and concise, but also lacks the voluminous nature of most other baby-sleep books. New mothers simply do not have the time or the inclination to sift through hundreds of pages of information to finally get the information that they need. Sleep Baby Sleep instead gets right to the point and spares the exhausted parent from unnecessary filler. The process also lacks the militant approach of many other parenting books, and encourages a less strict and a more understanding method, while at the same time enabling the parent to quickly get a child sleeping independently.

Sleep Baby Sleep has already demonstrated its ability to sell. The book has been selling on the internet for only a few months, and has already sold well over 1,000 copies. Sleep Baby Sleep has been praised and endorsed by the medical community, not to mention acclaim from thousands of new parents.

February 2005:
Sleep Baby Sleep author, Tammy Hussin appears on WB2 morning news show to talk about baby sleep issues.

March 2005:
Rights to Sleep Baby Sleep purchased for translation of book into Korean and other far east languages.

May 2005:
Sleep Baby Sleep author, Tammy Hussin, appears on Fox News Network to discuss book and baby sleep issues.

January 2006:
Sleep Baby Sleep limits distribution to eBook only. The book is now available for purchase only as an eBook, and will no longer be distributed in the United States bookstores.

July 2006:
Sleep Baby Sleep hits the shelves in Korea.

December 2006:
Israeli publisher shows strong interest in purchasing rights to Sleep Baby Sleep for mass production.

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