Gentle ways to helpyour baby sleep safe and soundly all night

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Ms. Tammy Hussin, the author of the Sleep Baby Sleep eBook, draws her expertise from her own parenting experience and the experiences of the many moms who sought her advice. Tammy's extensive counseling of hundreds of new parents across the World also helped to develop her unique and compassionate know-how for what it takes to get babies sleeping through the night as quickly and as easily as possible. Now she offers her gentle and easy to implement approach to all who could use a little extra help in her critically acclaimed eBook.

Sleep Baby Sleep

Tammy Hussin
is a mother of three boys, and gave up an aspiring career as a corporate attorney to devote all of her time to her children, her eBook, and individual counseling for new parents. Each of Tammy's three boys were sleeping through the night by eight weeks old.

Tammy's technique has been wildly successful with all who have tried it. It's such a simple and well articulated plan that anyone can use it. Tammy has received thanks and praise from hundreds of parents, many of whom had unsuccessfully tried other baby sleep techniques before finally trying the Sleep Baby Sleep method.

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Sleep Baby Sleep
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