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You can also find weekly tips on this site to help you get your baby sleeping better, along with other valuable information on how to get your baby sleeping through the night, falling asleep easier, and napping consistently.
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Does any of this Sound Familiar?
Do you have to rock or nurse your baby in order to get your baby to sleep?
Does your baby need a pacifier or some other soother to fall asleep?
Do you have to lie down with your baby to get him/her to sleep?
Do you have to rock or swing or drive your baby around in order to get him/her napping?
Is your baby clingy and cranky all day from lack of sleep and fighting naps?
Is your baby waking up several times during the night and needing you to fall back to sleep?
Is your relationship with your spouse suffering because you are so worn out from lack of sleep?
Do you have practically no time to yourself?

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Baby Sleep Tip of the Week

The tip for this week has to do with naps...

Naptime frequently can be a stressful time for both the parent and child alike, and bad habits can develop quickly. The key is to teach your baby how to fall asleep alone, in his/her own environment, instead of relying on some outside force to get your baby sleeping. Make sure that you don't allow yourself to fall into a pattern where you have to do something in order to get your baby napping.

The common mistake is to take your baby for a stroll or a drive when you know that it is right around naptime. It's all too easy to do that instead having to deal with actually allowing your baby to learn how to fall asleep on his/her own. Instead, get your baby falling asleep without any external stimulus, so that your baby can sleep independently and naptime can be a peaceful
and rejuvinating time for you both.

"The Sleep Baby Sleep techniques come across as very reasonable, do-able and, unlike some of the other baby sleep books out there, empowers the parents to regain control, instead of setting out rigid guidelines that make someone feel guilty if they can't follow through. The book shows a real understanding of a baby's needs. I'm excited to have another baby to try the Sleep Baby Sleep techniques on one of own children!"
- Dr. Adrienne Silver, M.D., Pediatrician and mother of two.
"Sleep Baby Sleep presents a level headed, sensible and caring approach to what should be life's simplest pleasure: falling asleep. This technique is an active, gentle method that uses natural consequences approached from the viewpoint of the child. I wholeheartedly support this method."
- Dr. Kenneth Kutalek, M.D., FAAP, pediatrician of 23 years, and Assoc. Clinical Prof. of Pediatrics at Univ. of CO Health and Sciences Center.
"Sleep Baby Sleep is a wonderful program for ensuring a good night's sleep for baby and mother alike. It is based on sound psychological principles. The technique is the the way children should be raised at all ages, with respect to all aspects of life."
- Dr. Robert Rich, M. Sc., Ph. D., psychologist and noted author.
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